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Project description:

Project no:
Development of a multi-criteria decision support tool for the sustainable use of algae
1st project leader:
Rösch, Christine - Research Unit Sustainability and Environment, Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe

2nd project leader
Algae have gained political and societal interest as they have the potential to tackle grand sustainability challenges. The aim of the PhD project is the development of an integrated multi-criteria decision support tool to assist decision-maker in politics, administration and regional authorities as well as agriculture and industry to identify and efficiently explore sustainable and robust technologies and pathways for the further development and use of algae.
Martina Haase, Nils Babenhauserheide, Christine Rösch (2020): MCDA for sustainability assessment of 2nd generation biofuels. 27th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) Conference, 2020, Grenoble/France
Methods that will be used:
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) and Multi-Criteria-Decision-Analysis (MCDA) are powerful but so far not integrated tools to consider different environmental, economic and social sustainability criteria, such as greenhouse gas savings, costs, and public acceptance in a problem-solving process. In the PhD project different methodical approaches for the definition of criteria, weighting sets, and weighting methods will be analysed to investigate the methodological impact on the results and to develop an integrated sustainability decision-support tool for algae.
Collaboration partners:
University of Hohenheim
Expected candidate‘s qualification:
Good English language skills and a master in economics, engineering or environmental sciences
Sustainability assessment, LCSA, MCDA, algae, technologies